M.A. Theses


Sesil Artuç

Marc Nichanian's Dead Witness Revisited Through 'Mourning and Melancholy': From historical loss to structural lack

Ege Akdemir

Listening to possible worlds: The 2019 İstanbul feminist night march and its acoustic conflicts

Mesut Açıkalın

Circular entrapment: Tracing the (In) formational contours of F-Type High Security Prisons

Çağla Ay

Living with 'The mad': The politics of psychiatric caregiving in turkey

Deniz Nihan Aktan

Sexuality politics on the football field

Selim Gökçe Atıcı

Post-fordist affects, times and images: An ethnography of circulation in a digital advertising agency in Istanbul

Ahenk Anbar

Educational strategies of the conservative bourgeoisie: Cultural capital, family and schooling

Fırat Ulaş Atalay

Ülkücü community in Zeytinburnu: Violence around words and encounters

Seda Aydın

Gated communities and the 'Middle class' in Istanbul

Suphi Nejat Ağırnaslı

Rethinking 'flexible' capitalism: Exploring the formation of 'flexible' capitalism in Turkey through the case of the shipyards of Tuzla/Istanbul

Azize Aslıhan Akman

Transformation of a sufi tradition in contemporary İstanbul: The case of cemalnur Sargut's group

Neşe Ceren Arseven

Writing ?the other?: A comparative analysis of the narrative representations of Kurdishness in late and early republican novels

Hilal Alkan

Intimate governing: Public space, community, and women in Keçiören

Zeynep Feyza Akınerdem

Between desire and truth: The narrative resolution of modern-traditional dichotomy in Asmalı Konak

Melissa Bilal

The lost lullaby and other stories about being an Armenian in Turkey.

Jale Karabekir

Performance as a strategy for women's liberation: practices of the theatre of the oppressed in Okmeydanı Social Center.

Bedirhan Dehmen

Appropriations of folk dance at the intersection of the national and the global : Sultans of the Dance.

Elif Müyesser Babül

Belonging to Imbros: citizenship and sovereignty in the Turkish Republic.

Cem Samurçay

Dreaming of liberation: codes of masculinity in some upper middle class literati male texts.

Bülent Tunga Yılmaz

Discourse and narrative in the national cinema movement.

Defne Erdur

Seeking the truth of sex: narratives of sexuality amongst Boğaziçi University students.

Nurullah Ardıç

Mobile phone and the re-negotiation of the public and the private

Funda Ar

A Study of çevik kuvvet in İstanbul: The effects of social patterns on the degree of violence

Anıl Al

A profile of liberal intellectual emergent in 1980's Turkey

Zeynep Angın

Negotiating reproduction and sexuallity in a working class community