M.A. Theses


Melissa Bilal

The lost lullaby and other stories about being an Armenian in Turkey.

Jale Karabekir

Performance as a strategy for women's liberation: practices of the theatre of the oppressed in Okmeydanı Social Center.

Bedirhan Dehmen

Appropriations of folk dance at the intersection of the national and the global : Sultans of the Dance.

Elif Müyesser Babül

Belonging to Imbros: citizenship and sovereignty in the Turkish Republic.

Cem Samurçay

Dreaming of liberation: codes of masculinity in some upper middle class literati male texts.

Bülent Tunga Yılmaz

Discourse and narrative in the national cinema movement.

Defne Erdur

Seeking the truth of sex: narratives of sexuality amongst Boğaziçi University students.