SOCIOLOGICAL IMAGINATIONS AT BOĞAZİÇİ SEMINARS-III The Musical Citizen: Sonorous Bodies and Social Imaginaries Martin Stokes

Thursday, April 29, 2021 - 12:30
Department of Sociology

Professor Martin Stokes will join us with a talk titled "The Musical Citizen: Sonorous Bodies and Social Imaginaries" on April 29, Thursday 17.00.

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The Musical Citizen: Sonorous Bodies and Social Imaginaries:
The making of citizens in and through music is a 19th century commonplace. But the ground of this longstanding musicological discussion has shifted with globalization, mobility and the parlous condition of nation and state today. What does it now mean to label a musician an 'ideal citizen'? And why are the examples that would now spring to mind such complex and puzzling figures? My talk will look at the question of musical "multi-citizenship in multiple places" (Parlati/Chamoiseau) from a postcolonial perspective. I will reflect on Turkish crooner Zeki Müren and French-Lebanese slam poet Marc Nammour – and the grounds they might provide for reconsidering the familiar myths of the citizen composer.

Martin Stokes is the King Edward Professor of Music at King's College London. His books include The Republic of Love: Cultural Intimacy in Turkish Popular Music and, most recently, Theory and Practice in the Music of the Islamic World: Essays in Honour of Owen Wright (with Rachel Harris). He has also taught at Queen's University of Belfast, The University of Chicago, and Oxford, and is honorary professor at The University of Copenhagen. He was a visiting associate professor in the Sociology Department at Bogazici for the summer programme in 1996 and 2006.

About the Series
Sociological Imaginations at Boğaziçi is dedicated to exploring contemporary issues with scholars and intellectuals whose paths have crossed with the department over the years either as students or lecturers. We believe bolstering a dialogue between the academia and the general public becomes more urgent in times like these when the consequential relationship between personal experiences and the wider society has become more evident rendering sociological imaginations more indispensable. It is in this spirit, the Department of Sociology is hoping to create a medium and space that unites a forum of contemporary public debate with the Department's reflections on the past and present of its intellectual depth and diversity, hence providing a fresh connection to its lineage.

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29.04.2021, 17:00, Zoom