New book by Emeritus Prof. Dr. Faruk Birtek, ‘’Hundred Years of Modernity 1889-1989 : A Paradigm Story’’

This is a hundred-year analytical history of the Paradigm of the Modern. It is in part a treatise on and in sociological theory. The following chapters will try to tell the story of the demise of the modern as a dominant paradigm, a demise arising I argue from its inner tensions. For that understanding a journey into the inner depths of the paradigm is called for.... Contents Part One : Statement of Purpose an Discussion A Life in the Modern : Berkeley in the 1960s The Question of Method : Introducing Dialectical Essentialism Weber's Ideal-Types Paradigm Behaviour Part Two : The Paradigm in Its Practice : The Modern and Its Hazardous History - Nationalism The Paradigm in the Normative : Durkheim's Sociology A Stylized History of the Modern