SOC 100 Introduction to Computer Application Programs
SOC 101 Introduction to Sociology
SOC 106 Sociological Perspectives
SOC 108 Sociological Analysis
SOC 203 Advanced Computer Application Programs
SOC 204 Introduction to Research Methods
SOC 209 Introduction to Comparative Historical Sociology
SOC 221 Social Change and Development
SOC 224 Urban Sociology
SOC 227 Sociology of Small Groups
SOC 262 Population Studies
SOC 263 Introduction to Migration Studies
SOC 272 Culture and Society
SOC 273 Sociology of Visual Culture
SOC 281 Social Anthropology
SOC 282 Peasant Studies
SOC 284 Economic Anthropology
SOC 285 Family and Kinship
SOC 286 Political Anthropology
SOC 287 Language, Culture and Society
SOC 303 Social Statistics
SOC 304 Data Analysis
SOC 306 Qualitative Research Methods
SOC 320 Sociology of Organizations
SOC 324 Power and Inequality
SOC 340 Economy and Society in Comparative Perspective
SOC 341 Advanced Industrial Societies
SOC 342 Political Sociology
SOC 343 State and Society in Comparative Perspective
SOC 344 Studies in Comparative Historical Sociology
SOC 345 Politics, Religion and Social Change
SOC 353 Globalization of Culture and Communication
SOC 360 Society and Environment
SOC 368 Understanding Health and Healing
SOC 370 History of Social and Political Thought
SOC 371 History of Sociological Theory
SOC 373 Issues in Sociological Theory
SOC 375 Sociology of Law
SOC 377 Comparative Sociology of Religions
SOC 379 History of Sociological Conceptualization
SOC 380 History of Anthropological Thought
SOC 387 Urban Anthropology
SOC 425 The City
SOC 430 Sociological Thought in Turkey
SOC 435 Contemporary Issues in Turkey
SOC 441 Seminar on Historical Sociology
SOC 442 Economy ad Society in the Late Twentieth Century
SOC 443 Class and State in the Middle East
SOC 451 Identity and Culture
SOC 452 Seminar on Social Movements
SOC 453 Communication and Media Studies
SOC 455 Post-Industrial/Post-Modern Debate
SOC 458 Contemporary Media Studies
SOC 462 Sociology of Gender
SOC 465 Selected Topics in Demography
SOC 468 Migration Studies
SOC 471 Advanced Issues in Social Theory
SOC 472 Contemporary Social Theories
SOC 478 Social Memory
SOC 479 Sociology of Citizenship and Human Rights
SOC 480, 481 Issues in Contemporary Anthropology I, II
SOC 482 Sociology of Religion
SOC 485, 486 Regional Studies I, II
SOC 490, 496, 497, 498, 499 Directed Research and Readings I, II, III, IV, V
SOC 491, 492, 493, 494, 495 Specialization Seminar I, II, III, IV, V
SOC 501 Advanced Research Methods I
SOC 502 Advanced Research Methods II
SOC 503 Sociological Theory I: History of Sociological Theory
SOC 504 Sociological Theory II:Contemporary Sociological Theory
SOC 523 Political Sociology
SOC 524 Historical Sociology
SOC 531 Ideas and Intellectuals in Society
SOC 535 Turkish Society : Research and Theory
SOC 541 Social Change and Development
SOC 553 Popular culture, Mass Media and Political Representation
SOC 563, 564 Issues in Contemporary Society I, II
SOC 579 Graduate Seminer
SOC 581, 584 Selected Topics in Advanced Sociological Theory
SOC 585-588 Directed Readings and Research I, II, III, IV, V
SOC 589 Reading in Sociology
SOC 595-599 Special Topics in Sociology/Anthropology I, II, III, IV, V